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A photographic study of Egypt, from ancient monuments to fields of cabbages, from temples to modern streetlife. Text includes a mixture of how the shots came about or simple comments on the locations. I hope you will find it entertaining as well as informative. Most of all I would like you to feel, as you turn the pages, either nostalgia for a country you may already know and love, or a real need to visit Egypt for the first time.

The culture and art of ancient Egypt is astounding. Yet we often forget that amidst all this beauty and history ordinary people are living out their daily lives. We must see Egypt, not as one vast open-air museum, but as home to more than 82 million people.

When I took my camera to Egypt I was always mindful of this, but still found myself returning with more images of ‘life then’ than ‘life now’. This photographic study of 'Street Life' is an attempt to redress that imbalance, with the majority of images taken in and around Luxor, I hope you will see there is more to Egypt than just its ancient monuments.

Favourite images from my travels, so far!


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